The Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit is an Ubuntu-based LiveCD focused on Windows malicious software removal. The purpose of this distribution is to create a portable environment that will make it easier to remove malware from infected Windows systems

gambar : ubuntu dengan gnome.

1. Features:
Detect and clean Windows malware directly from the LiveCD using the best free tools

2. Easy to use even for Linux novice users
Custom Nautilus scripts to make easier tasks like scanning or hashing multiple files or folders

3. Find online informations surfing the web with Firefox directly from the LiveCD

4. Windows network protocols support: Ubuntu MRT can browse Windows networks, resolve Windows hostnames, mount Windows shared folders and use RDP to remotely control Windows Servers
Easily create an Ubuntu MRT Persistent LiveUSB directly from the LiveCD

5. Browse and query the Windows registry files, detect NTFS timestamp artifacts and much more…

Operating System: Linux

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop, Information Technology, System Administrators

web : Ubuntu MRT – Malware Removal Toolkit
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