How to install HSOConnect with fedora 13


# rpm -Uvh *.rpm

hsoconnect-py2.6-1.1.128-2.noarch.rpm have no GUI inside internet menu so open terminal atau command box (alt+f2)
$ python /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/hsoc/

Dont install hsoconnect-1.2.19.tar.gz atau hsoconnect-py2.5* nanti pening kepala dengan permission denied.

I have trouble install HSOConnect with mandriva 2010.0/2010.1 & opensuse 11.3 so i use ojuba 4.

Gnome NetworkManager Applet have problem with Option GlobeTrotter Express 7.2 v2
detect = yes but fail to connect.

More info & download HSOConnect here

HSOCONNECT vs python2.6 (or higher)

It work with Ojuba 4 live cd gnome so it must work with real fedora 13, fedora 13 spin or another remix like fussion linux or omega.

Ojuba 4 is Fedora remix not fedora muslim edition. Dont let Arabic website fool u. One great tool is Ojuba control panel. Yes i/am too lazy to write the so call ojuba 4 review.